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Witch Doctors versus Point Logic:

Witch Doctors
Point Logic
Witch Doctors bill for a days work even when they don’t fix the problem
Point Logic treats you fairly:
  • Point Logic doesn't’t bill until a job is complete
  • Point Logic only bills for the number of person-hours that the job should have taken – regardless of how many technician hours were actually spent.

Witch Doctors take your original install disks without leaving any on site

Point Logic makes sure you have all of your original disks, our technicians carry copies, never originals. All of your materials are always onsite.

Witch Doctors take machines/parts offsite without tracking or being accountable for what they have taken.

Point Logic technicians never take anything offsite for any reason without your signature on their work log and a time line for return.

Witch Doctors are always asking for disks and settings. Worse, when the technician changes they have to learn where everything is and all customizations from scratch.

Point Logic creates a Corporate IT Bible for your company when you become a client. Starting with a complete system audit, this “bible” has every setting, password, customization, location of disk/manual and parts inventory location etc. All key data pertaining to your systems is always at hand – and, This means that any technician can be up to speed in minutes and there is no time wasted looking for passwords, IDs, network best of all, kept up-to-date. configuration settings, machine specs, manuals, drivers, disks and a myriad of other little things each of which wastes billable technician time without getting your systems up and the job complete.

Witch Doctors never document or track what is done.

  • Point Logic Technicians don’t leave the site till you have initialed their work-log. You always know what has been done and you don’t get billed till the job is done – and, to your satisfaction.
  • Point Logic always follows up the next day after any work is performed.
  • Point Logic bills are itemized – you know what you are paying for.
Witch Doctors register your domain in their own names and only they have control of your internet address and settings
Point Logic ensures that all registrations and administrative settings are in your own company’s name – this means you can easily switch service providers if you are ever unhappy with any of them or if any fail. You are never “trapped.”
Witch Doctors do the work paid for but don’t always give consistent or timely advice on how to manage your systems to avoid costly future bills and monitor backup compliance and anti-virus status.
Point Logic gives honest, unbiased advice that allows you to avoid costly and unnecessary levels of service from internet access providers, software consultants and others. We have an ongoing relationship with you and will protect your interests just like a full-time IT department would.
Witch Doctors sell computers at a markup
Point Logic takes no mark-up on computers and thus, can give unbiased advice on what equipment best suits your needs.
Witch Doctors get to you when they get to you.
Point Logic sets appointment times and keeps them.
Witch Doctors may or may not be technically competent.
Point Logic is professionally as well as technically competent



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