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Daphne2018™ was developed as there were no Pick, Pack, Ship applications actually written specifically for and by real "pick, pack, ship people." Daphne2018™ - built from the ground up to be a robust and reliable solution - tested by and for the real world needs of third party warehousing and fulfillment companies. It directly addresses all of the needs of smaller, medium and sub-enterprise level firms.

Daphne2018™ fully automates the process of managing the "pick, pack, ship" cycle in an intuitive and user-friendly fashion.


How is Daphne2018™ different from earlier programs?

Earlier inventory and shipping programs, and modules were generally attached to accounting packages or written from that point of view. This created five major problems:

  • First, most other programs do not use the "job number" paradigm that Daphne uses. You can start a new job, instantly, and assign that job to whatever client(s) is/are necessary for billing and tracking purposes. Daphne moves with your people through the job cycle like a custom tailored suit. It is there for your needs without creating new needs of its own.
  • Second, other programs were too rigid in format and, thus, not adaptable to client-side systems. As well, you had to work with them, they did not work with your own internal systems.
  • Third, they were driven from an accounting point of view and not suited to managing the needs of the pick, pack, ship cycle.
  • Fourth, they generated all kinds of phantom numbers. Daphne passes hard numbers of what actually took place and only those numbers to your standard accounting package.
  • fifth, many were "batch" driven - a batch of jobs was entered one or more times a day. Daphne is real time - enter a number or item and it is immediately reflected across the whole system. You can ship a rush order in minutes with full control when you have Daphne.


Daphne2018™ creates many savings:

  • First it cuts down on the number of people involved in billings. For many smaller and mid-size pick, pack companies Daphne can cut four or five billing seats down to one or less.
  • Second, Daphne does not have built in accounting and avoids the unnecessary complexity integrated accounting functionality brings. This saves money several ways:
  1. Your own people, trained on reliable, inexpensive and standard accounting packages can continue to use those packages.
  2. You are not dependent on an idiosyncratic vision of accounting created by programmers who are not accountants at heart.
  3. You avoid the bugs and problems - as well as the limited functionality - of custom accounting software. Daphne can bridge to any standard accounting package - got one for which there is no bridge, yet? No problem it is a no charge item to add a new bridge for any major commercial accounting package whether it is as simple as QuickBooks or as complex as Great Plains or Navision.
  4. You do not find your systems tied up waiting for custom fixes and Daphne generates "hard" numbers - numbers that accounting can rely on at the end of the job. In many cases, accounting time can be cut in half, apart from billing issues.

Daphne2018™ was developed specifically to be client driven. This software allows itself to adapt to client systems - an important consideration when either attempting to gain or retain accounts. Whether the client has custom forms or reports or want specific ASN or EDI formats or solutions, Daphne2018™ is ready. Furthermore, Daphne2018™ is a process driven software. To put it simply, all actions in the program are driven by client side requests for actions based on a job paradigm.

Daphne2018™ is stable running code. It was developed and tested in real world conditions, for several years at one of Daimler-Chrysler's fulfillment subcontractors before general release.


OK! You want to know how the Geeks and Suits would describe Daphne2018™ ? Here it is:

Daphne2018™ allows a shipper of heterogeneous items drawn from multiple inventories belonging to single or multiple corporate and sub-corporate entities, using multiple shippers and shipper modalities to manage the third party warehousing and fulfillment process from initial quote, through quote updates, order management and tracking through the confirmation of goods arrival and reconciliation of shippers bills. Once an order whether unique or based on a standing invoice is ready for billing the data can be printed out from Daphne2018™ or sent via a data-gateway directly to an accounting package for document generation where such documents include, but are nor limited to, purchase orders and invoice generation. Optionally, Daphne can be enhanced with limited or full-range EDI and ASN functionality and/or scan and barcode technology.


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