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Daphne11.jpgQ. What was behind the decision to initiate the development of a new application?

A. Four years ago, after fourteen years in the industry, I faced the need to get a new Pick, Pack, Ship package. I have worked with various industry packages and they did not work the way I want them to work. You had to work their way not my way. I needed something to operate my medium sized pick pack ship warehouse, not an accounting application and I needed something real time, flexible and using standard development tools and components. I think that is what makes Daphne2012™ special.

Q. Why doesn't it have accounting built in?

A. It keeps jobs separate from accounting, until the very end. My accountants now spend their time accounting, not chasing invoices and information. Why? Because processing orders is a dynamic process and it changes constantly. Daphne2012™ cuts through all of that and generates one set of hard numbers at the end of a job. All of the information is presented to the accountant clearly, concisely and completely.

Q. So, can the program be linked to standard accounting packages?

A. Yes. Daphne2012™ bridges to any major commercial accounting package at no charge upgrade

Q. Can you run a whole Pick, Pack, Ship company using only Daphne2012™?

A. Absolutely! It took three years of development in the real world of fulfillment but Daphne2012™ fully automates and manages the whole cycle from initial client call to the final returns and beyond.

Q. Who needs Daphne2012™?

A. Three major categories come to mind:

  • Any company in Pick, Pack, Ship Industry that wants to control cost or grow,
  • Companies that employ more than half a person in billing,
  • Companies that have no Pick, Pack, Ship software


* Daphne Grozelle, a founder and principal of JMSS, Canadian based 3rd party warehousing and fulfillment company. Numbered amongst whose clients are: DaimlerChrysler and Dairy Queen.


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