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Why is Daphne Special? Print E-mail
  • Daphne2012™ is "process oriented." That means it is driven by the client and their needs, not straight jacketed by integration with an accounting system.
  •  Daphne2012™ is not batch-driven. Every transaction is entered and live in the system, immediately and in real time.
  • Real time means that Daphne2012™ can "turn on a dime." Clients can call at all hours, with odd or rush orders. With Daphne2012™ you can get the order in, processed and to the shipping dock in minutes knowing all of your paperwork is done and nothing is neglected.
  • Daphne2012™ was built from the ground up as a network application. One workstation or fifty - Daphne is equally at home.
  • Daphne2012™ interface is simple enough to allow staff to gain mastery easily. With Daphne2012 a single staff person can efficiently handled both customer service and warehouse functions.
  • Daphne2012™ has no old or "legacy" code underneath. In simple terms that means that Daphne2012™ is at once fast and easily customized and easily linked with other applications.
  • Its underlying database runs on corporate level Microsoft SQLServer technology. Using MSDE most installations under 20-25 seats will not require SQLServer licenses.


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