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Who Needs Daphne2012? Print E-mail
  • A logistics/ trucking or other company that is starting in on "pick, pack, ship" and needs an effective solution that they can grow with.
  • A smaller Pick, Pack, Ship company which has outgrown, pen and paper, Excel spreadsheets or limited applications and needs a full-powered application that they can grow with.
  • A free standing group or division of a large trucking, logistics, or marketing fulfillment company or any other company doing third party warehousing and fulfillment.
  • A Pick Pack Ship company unsatisfied with the smaller applications on the market and needing the functionality of the large packages but without the Fortune 500 or Financial Post 1000 price tag.
  • Another key indicator that you need Daphne is when you have more than one person working on billing Pick, Pack, Ship jobs.


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