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Intelligent Maps

Your data and business logic mapped with current demographics to provide concrete business intelligence.

Geomancer is a unique program which incorporates your proprietory databases and knowledge, 6 million miles of North American roads and addresses. The data is combined with built in demographic parameters which are displayed on a real, street level map.

Strategically Targeted Campaigns

Fortune 500 business intelligence that the SMB can finally afford.

Looking for a specific demographic to target who is also a consumer of a specific product? Geomancer can combine up to 70 different demographic parameters with your proprietary databases and unique business intellegence. By importing from any database and combining your data and business logic, Geomncer will display areas of statistically analyzed regions of success or failure. Campaigns can be critiqued, altered and targeted using demographic and geographic logic. Do you know where your clients are? Geomancer does.This unique application that will eliminate your dead calls and give your salesforce the tools they need to harvest the leads that will add to your client base.

Business Intelligence For Marketing

Track or plan your markets using your business intelligence, real demographic information and any other information that you currently use to grow your business. Campaigns can now be launched with pinpoint accuracy, demography and geography by importing any Stats. Can. or US census data. Real Addresses with Real Information guarantees real success.

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