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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic completion of routine business transactions. Such transactions include purchase orders, order status, invoices, inquiries, planning, shipping and receiving acknowledgements, pricing, scheduling, test results, payments, and financial reporting.

EDI permits unrelated companies to communicate and process business transactions electronically.

        EDI makes it possible to:

  • Enter data only once
  • reduced errors
  • store data on-line
  • expeditiously generate management reports
  • automatically reconcile statements

An Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) is an electronic document which is sent to a buyer in advance of the buyer receiving the product.

The supplier sends the notice when goods are shipped. Shipping organizations may also receive a form of these notices to be notified that a pending shipment is ready at a supplier location, as well as specifying shipping information such as buyer location.

Receiving the Advanced Shipment Notice can save time with inventory management. A study done by an AFPA member and it was found that it takes three times as long to enter paper rolls manually then through EDI.

Point Logic Canada is proud to be an ACOM channel partner. ACOM is a US market leader in providing ASN solutions to clients of all sizes who need free-standing or integrated ASN solutions below the enterprise scale-level.


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