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YourForms™ - electronic document management at an affordable cost. YourForms™ was tailored to the requirements of branch dealership offices in the mutual fund sales industry. It can be easily customized in situations where there is a need to repeatedly fill out forms with the same data. In many cases 70-80% of fields on a form can be populated from a database. It dramatically reduces time spent on routine filling/printing of forms/documents (e.g. in our pilot program for the mutual industry the time spent on a form went on average down from about 15 minutes to about 2.5 minutes). Furthermore, it also drastically reduces entry errors and expensive data reconciliation and error checking. Lastly, it can produce significant savings over the use of multi-part forms.

What does YourForms™ do for you and your branch productivity? YourForms™ was designed to allow you to fill in your own forms - the forms that you use every day but have, traditionally, had to fill in by hand. Even better, YourForms™ has an optional AutoEntry module that allows you to access whatever branch/backoffice software you use (for instance CTA SystemSource's MPS®) and move the data automatically avoiding the issue of re-keying all of the data and also ensuring greater data accuracy.

YourForms™  guarantees that all necessary fields are filled in on your forms as well as eliminating problems due to illegible entries. It also validates SIN numbers and ensures that fund codes match the given fund name based on its FundServe® official fund list automatically updated weekly (if you have internet access) or from fund names/codes you have entered yourself for the few funds not on the FundServe® list. Better, once a client is entered into YourForms™ the program will auto-fill in all common data such as names, addresses, rep data etc. on every form for that client. You can even, safely, use past forms as templates for a new form for a client! (for example: if you do a GIC every six months for a client and only the rate has changed, you can call up the last form, already filled in and make only the changes that you need to update and reprint the form) As a result, not only are your forms neater and more professional looking but best of all you experience substantial time savings in filling out forms and even greater time savings on a much reduced need for costly back and forth with your back office on compliance issues.

    No to:
  • bad SIN numbers,
  • missing compulsory data fields,
  • illegible handwritten entries in forms with too small fill in boxes or areas.

    Yes to:
  • always having all past client forms on file, instantly and in fully searchable form
  • filling in all client data only once (with optional AutoEntry)
  • recycling past forms already filled in
  • never having to fill in "on file" information again such as names, addresses etc.
  • huge savings on compliance issues for both branch and back office
  • time savings on filling in forms as well
  • forms that always look professional, clean, neat and legible

How does YourForms™ work? For every dealer in Canada we electronically re-process their own branch forms and enable them to be "live" - allowing them to be electronically filled-in and processed, printed out and stored, just as is done in the Fortune 500 companies. Our optional back office communications module actually turns on your back office software and fills in the appropriate fields in order to send your data and then sends it - all without your having to lift a finger.


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