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Full List of Supported Technologies and Languages:
  1. Database and database driven application development - it may include business and system analysis prior to starting the project
  2. Database upgrades and enhancements regarding:
    • business logic
    • code optimization
    • processes automation (scripts or code enhancing/automating business logic)
  3. Database migration
  4. Supported databases:
    • Microsoft SQL6-2000
    • Access 2-XP
    • FoxPro
    • Oracle7-8i
  5. Supported languages/technologies:
    • C/C++, Visual C++
    • VB
    • Various strains of SQL (e.g. Oracle PL SQL or Microsoft Transact-SQL) PowerBuilder
    • Java
    • Assembler
    • HTML, XML, VB Script
    • Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver UltraDev and Fireworks
    • MS Office Suite XP-2007 (VBA, macros, DDLs)
    • Adobe Acrobat / ODBC data links
    • Various obsolete and semi-obsolete languages
  6. Encryption and security applications.
  7. Custom upgrades and macros developed
  8. Custom hardware/software integration
  9. Custom drivers.

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