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Point Logic was founded in mid-1999 by three partners with backgrounds, respectively, in computer science, engineering and administration. Despite the trendy “new economy” ideas of the time, Point Logic’s founders saw that in the long run, as the new economy matured, it would return to the traditional business rules with "bottom line" in mind. Not "number of eyeballs" or unspecified profits in the unspecified future but need for solid applications, robust databases and better interfaces must be at the heart of a modern business. Furthermore, the founders agreed that “tech” companies had to be easier to talk to and more attuned to real-world user needs – and, thus, Point Logic was borne

Today, we are still easy to talk to, we still understand real world business and won't inundate you with "geek speak". Point Logic is your choice when you want IT Projects that run on time and to budget because the architect actually understand your needs and have been able to communicate that to the programmer teams.


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