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Point Logic was founded on the understanding that the paradigm for success is the efficient utilization of information.  We are on a permanent quest for more usable and powerful visualization tools, better analytical techniques and better interfaces. 

The company is geared to creating products with wide market potentials by adopting ideas and concepts developed by multi-disciplinary teams of dedicated professionals and/or acquiring niche software products with potential and refining them for wider audiences.

Today Point Logic, in Canada, has moved beyond its original focus as a database and software developer for third parties. Point Logic has two main divisions, software and IT Support. The software division in turn has two main areas of specialization. First, logistics related software and solutions such as Daphne2008™, a full-featured third party warehousing and fulfillment solution for middle-tier companies and is also the Canadian channel partner for ACOM’s “EZ Connect” Electronic Data Interchange [EDI and ASN] applications. The second focus is business micro-geomatics. Point Logic using its own and third party developer tools builds comprehensive solutions for integrating maps, demographics, and geographical data into client business applications. Using the MapPoint object model Point Logic can, rapidly, create powerful applications that automate and extend MapPoint functionality and/or can extend the reach and scope of mission-critical applications by integrating mapping functionality. Point Logic still undertakes third party software and database development and upgrades as well.

The IT Support division specializes in full-support for smaller and middle-tier companies and outlying corporate groups of Fortune 500 and Financial Post 1000 companies. We utilize Pinpoint technology to faciliate a maintenance agreement cost approximately 30% lower than traditional support contracts and with enhanced service.


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