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Point Logic has gone through one of its regular site refreshes. Some might ask: “Why refresh a site?” Beyond the obvious point that products and services change – as they did in Point Logic’s case, with the growth of the company, there is also the issue of fashions and trends. Sites can come to look ‘old’ or ‘stale.’ Furthermore, as the ‘net matures users expectations of what a site should do have changed. For instance, in 1999, Point Logic had a website with animations showing off the advanced capabilities of the time – the geeky users of yesteryear wanted to see what a company could do. In the early 2000s, Point Logic’s site, emphasized the ‘corporate’ look with a beautiful front page that led to various pages within. However times change…

Nowadays, users are concerned with getting to the ‘meat of the matter’ ASAP. Many users are still on dial-up and they want answers as fast as possible – furthermore, they are not doing research on a company they expect actual product and service answers for their daily business. Thus, the current generation of corporate sites eschews animation and heavily graphic-laden front pages in favour of immediately available, news, links, online order processing or other transactions, and summaries of the items most of interest to the site’s heaviest users.

Just as Point Logic advises its industrial/wholesale and distribution clients to move to more functional front pages, so we have ourselves!

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