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We support most major database engines in-house. Systems supported include:
  • SQL Server through 2005,
  • Oracle through 11i,
  • Access through 2007.

We create, enhance, support and upgrade databases both in stand-alone corporate sites and for web-applications.atabase support from the simple to the complex. Whether you need an upgrade and some consulting or a whole new database Point Logic has the expertise.

Key Benefits

  • Thorough understanding of business processes* Rapid Development
  • Real world budgets and timelines for database projects
  • Our team includes computer scientists and engineers as well as programmers. Notwithstanding our technical expertise we have people who can explain what needs to be done in plain English and who understand the solutions have to be cost effective and maintainable.
  • 24/7 Support

Capabilities - Point Logic supplies comprehensive database support throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Database Creation - We will create a database to your specifications or help you develop those specifications. If the database is to be used over the Internet we can develop the associated web-site as well on a turn-key basis or work with your web-developers.

Upgrading - We do upgrades to new versions of all the database types that we support.

Maintenance - Off-site and remote maintenance are both available.

Consulting - Need to talk to someone? Whether you need independent advice, design and/or integration help or business consulting to leverage your investment in the database(s) you have we are the people to talk to.


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