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Point Logic undertakes websites development projects of various complexity – from simple informational sites to ecommerce projects and portals. Where necessary, we can help you with the initial business analysis as well as definition and architecting. Depending on the functional requirements and preexisting solutions, the most appropriate technology/platform is proposed and applied in the project. Supported technologies:

  • PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • ASP, .NET
  • Adobe Flash
  • Unix/Linux, MS Windows

Site Upgrades & Maintenance
Refreshing or upgrading your site keeps the face your business presents to the world fresh. Working with the latest marketing trends and web research combined with advanced functionality when and where it serves you. We can increase the likelihood of your internet visitor becoming a customer. Whether your IT staff are simply too busy or more "computer oriented" than "business oriented", contact us for the upgrade you need!

Content Support
Point Logic is not only a software and engineering business. A large part of our company is devoted to market and cost analysis, optimizing business processes and sales. Our products respond to real world requirements and are not only stable and secure but geared to deliver usable savings and real profits.

Marketing, Sales & Content Support
Point Logic is a team of professionals, always looking for the next technological edge. Our staff can provide strategic support, ongoing site content and demographic analysis that you need in order to keep pace with the market and grow your organization.

Search Engine Optimization
The best ideas and the best websites would not benefit the owner if nobody knows about them.  Google, Yahoo, Live Search and other search engines use algorithms that must be understood in order to provide good rankings. Point Logic will help your business to be found and promoted on the Internet.


Point Logic offers Clustered Failover Hosting technology with real-time data replication.  Please refer to the FAQ section to learn more about the features of the service
Depending on particular hosting requirements we are providing several options.


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