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Herewith find a list of some engineering milestones…

  • Modification of IBM mainframe electronics to implement special enhanced fortran functions.
  • Rewrote bootstrap routine for IBM mainframe to incorporate enhancements.
  • Wrote Fortran compiler (in machine-level assembler) [Honeywell]
  • Designed and oversaw the operation of the only core memory repair facility in Canada. [Data General, Digital Equipment Corp (DEC), Fabritex….]
  • Was sole design engineer for the Mosselman line of dedicated data-communication control computers, including the first implementation of hardware DES encryption outside the USA.
  • Designed and oversaw PWB, (Multiwire™ and etched versions) production and full assembly and testing. Oversaw design and implementation of diagnostic tooling and software for field service.
  • Designed production machinery to create custom cables for Boeing man-rated specifications.
  • Invented worlds first “BI” door [it swings both ways] for such applications as high-end refrigerators, with double-interlock hinges and push-open safety features.
  • Implemented proprietary data compression algorithms and fabrication and J.I.T. material-placement systems for remote electricity transmission tower construction. (Bethlehem Steel).
  • Designed mathematical methods for extraction of square roots, cube roots and prime numbers.
  • Designed Securonet™ security system including high-security hardware links (far superior to anything in use).
  • Designed Serverwatch™ system to track internet server performance, with real-time notification of status by pager, email etc…
  • Designed Farmwatch™ system to monitor a server farm and multiple uninterruptible power conditioners; designed hardware to handle the automatic starting, load balancing and load shedding, of an auxiliary electric generator, with real-time notification of status.
  • Designed a high-efficiency, computer-controlled ground water-to-air heat pump for the residential market.
  • Pioneered the computer analysis of the country-wide residential rent survey at the Dominion Bureau of Statistics (StatsCan).
  • Designed aircraft cockpit instrumentation and control layouts.
  • Designed the integration (to manufacturers’ and government specifications) of long-range navigation equipment with aircraft autopilots.
  • Designed HF communications installations for trans-oceanic use in aircraft up to 35 000 feet altitudes, including variables pattern impedance-matched, retractable, HF antenna with provision for automatic retraction in landing configuration to avoid inadvertent landing with antenna deployed.
  • Recommended fuel-pump control modifications for Cessna 421 pressurized twin engine aircraft to enhance safety which were subsequently made mandatory by Cessna, the FAA and the DOT (MoT).
  • Designed high resolution digital cameras for security systems.
Patents issued or pending in: electronics, mechanics, security, optics, heat-exchange design and control.



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