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Every modern company needs IT Support. That means technical people who configure, repair, upgrade and monitor computers, networks and peripherals. Here are the three key scenarios in which you are likely to be looking for Point Logic.

  1. Your company is too small to have an IT Department of its own but needs more than an occasional visit from the “guy who sold you the machine…” In other words, you are a growing company with increasingly sophisticated needs but not at the stage to spend four or five thousand dollars a month for a fulltime IT person of your own.
  2. Your company is big enough to have at least one IT person on staff but you can’t find a single individual who has the wide range of skills your company needs. In other words, you need a full-scale IT Department – sometimes – but don’t need the staff and expense all the time.
  3. Your company is a corporate group or subsidiary looking to contract out the IT services to a company that will be comfortable liaising with the IT Department at the main offices of your corporation – wherever that might be situated.

Support just when you need it. Point Logic provides single source responsibility for hardware and software. Best of all - business and bottom-line oriented advice for controlling and reducing IT costs…and hard-hitting suggestions for increasing sales, using your existing IT infrastructure. Typical situations of our existing or potential clients:

  • Don't need full-time support at this time and looking for a flexible solutions
  • Have a wide range of needs – but not for a specialist in each
  • Tired of patch-work solutions or a lack of answers to your real problems in controlling costs and using your equipment
  • Wondering what your computer equipment could really do for you
  • Want one source responsibility for both hardware and software
  • Want People you can actually talk to who understand business not just machines
  • Want a support company that can create new applications or support legacy applications, not just apply the latest Microsoft patch
  • Thinking of moving to a Linux platform

Point Logic will:

  • Help in controlling your costs,
  • Find potential savings and new efficiencies,
  • Help you concentrate on business not infrastructure.

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