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OmniLife Canada
When OmniLife, a multinational nutraceuticals manufacturer and distributor, currently operating in 13 countries, came to Canada, in late 2008, they turned to Point Logic as a single source of advice and implementation for all phases of their new corporate head office from phone systems to networks. Point Logic was there, advising, specifying and installing…and Point Logic will be there supporting their ongoing growth…

Garadun Sales
Garadun Sales implemented one of Canada’s first Great Plains Accounting Package installs. Nearly twenty years later, the system was tired, the original vendors gone and support for both network, and software, literally, nonexistent. Point Logic was called in to:

  1. Extract and convert data from the legacy accounting system to a modern format and import it to the new accounting system – without manuals or support.
  2. Install a new network while leaving the original network intact – this meant cracking the “unbreakable” Novell network password scheme as the original administrator passwords had vanished with the original vendor.
  3. Specify, install and implement a new accounting system with legacy data.

Armstrong Manufacturing
When due to corporate maneuvering the Armstrong family, long established as leaders in Canada’s specialty chemical industry lost control of their publically traded company, they turned to Point Logic for infrastructure support for the rapid recreation of the family’s manufacturing facilities. Point Logic provided everything from boardroom facilities to networks, software, training, web and email solutions as well as 24/7 IT Support during and after the 90 day process of recreating a full-service chemical manufacturing company. Point Logic was proud to be involved in the phoenix-like resurrection of a major player in Canada’s specialty chemical industry and salutes Armstrong Manufacturing’s renewed success.


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